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Roger Dubuis Replica
The second generation watches made as part of Alaska Project retain the red aluminum heat-shield, the Zinc Oxide coated dials, and the 861 caliber, but, as Petros mentioned, they adopt the classic 42mm twisted-lug case of Roger Dubuis Replica. This version is matte, with no shiny surfaces, thanks to micro-bead-sandblasting.

The dial of the Alaska II Prototype features the Roger Dubuis Replica logo, but for the first ever we have what is known as a radial dial. Radial dials are dials with scales that have a radial alignment.

The exact number of pieces is unknown, but the fact that two different bezels were used in the batch has been confirmed: one version was a tachymeter and the second was a rotating 60-minute graduated bezel.roger dubuis replica Petros says, "We're still looking for all Alaska II prototypes and, at this time, we can't give too much information on the finalized prototypes." According to the movements we know, a number below 15 would be a great way to keep the excitement going amongst Roger Dubuis Replica enthusiasts and knowledgeable collectors!

The watch was sold at Roger Dubuis Replica' Geneva auction in November 2016, for CHF156.250. A reader contacted me shortly after the auction to ask how a watch that he had found on eBay for only a few hundred dollars, could fetch six figures at auction.

Answer was easy: Roger Dubuis Replica released a limited edition Roger Dubuis Replica in 2008 that was modelled after the Alaska II Prototype. The gentleman reader found this on eBay. tudor replica catalog contained only the real thing.

It did not have the radial dials. The hands on the totalizer for chrono minutes and hours were rocket-shaped. The prototype even had the anodized outer aluminium "thermal" shield. The watch could withstand temperatures in lunar or space atmospheres ranging from –148oC to –260oC. The watch used the caliber 1861 movement.