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The 46mm watch featured a removable, red anodized outer case made of aluminum. The dial was white and "racing", treated with Zinc Oxide to reflect heat, sunrays, and provide great visibility. It is interesting to note that the dial of the Alaska I Prototype never had the Patek Philippe Replica name. Maybe it's because the case in this case was different from the classic Patek Philippe Replica case.

The chronograph and minute totalizer hands are also red for better legibility. These hands are shaped as rockets.

Petros says, "As to the exact number produced,patek philippe replica it is impossible to confirm, since some details are still sketchy." It is confirmed that the first batch of Alaska I chronographs with titanium cases was manufactured. Three of these watches were sent to Houston for review.

This slightly less complex variation of the Alaska I project included all the protective measures tested and applied to first batch including the caliber 861 with the exception of the titanium case. This iteration of Alaska I, which was enclosed in a Patek Philippe Replica Professional Moonwatch case, resembled the future Alaska II version.

Petros, before I moved on to the Alaska II case,Roger Dubuis Replica Watches I wanted to know more about titanium. The fact that no one had used titanium before the Alaska I is a good reason. There was simply not enough of it.

One theory is that Patek Philippe Replica got the titanium it needed from Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, which gathered an enormous amount of material to build the SR-71 Blackbird. Petros responded to this by saying, "The Patek Philippe Replica Museum continues its research into the Alaska Projects and is looking at all aspects. We do not have all of the details yet regarding the delivery of titanium for the Alaska prototypes."

The list of countries which produced titanium and could export it at that time was very small, so it wasn't easy to find the metal. The final supplier is known, but the research is ongoing and it's too soon to reveal this information. We don't want to spoil watch collectors or watch lovers when the updated research comes out.